Max Lyons


Large Prints
I am making a limited number of prints available for sale from these images. If you are interested in acquiring a print, please contact me to discuss the details.
Lyons stands next to a 6x7 foot print of the Library of Congress
To date, the best technology I have found for printing these images is using a Lightjet printer. This printer produces "Digital C-Prints" which are face-mounted onto plexiglass, and sealed from behind with a rigid backing material. The prints do not have any external frame, providing a simple, unadorned view of the print. An aluminum mounting structure attached to the prints backing material allows the print to be hung on the wall.
The print is face-mounted onto Plexiglass for a clean, unadorned finish
The dimensions for the prints vary depending on each image, and are generally between 6 and 10 feet per side. Currently, printing size is constrained by printing machine technology and paper sizes.
More detail is revealed by examining prints with a magnifying glass
In fact, the images are sufficiently detailed to allow even greater enlargement, but technology limitations mean that more than one sheet of paper is necessary for larger prints. If you are interested in larger prints, please contact me to discuss this possibility.
Detail crop from full size image