Max Lyons


Biographical Information
Max Lyons was born in Belgium and grew up in England and the United States. After completing graduate studies in Economics, Lyons worked briefly in Washington as a policy analyst before becoming interested in both photography and technology.
Lyons stands next to a 6x7 foot print of the Library of Congress
Lyons' interest in creating photographs started in the mid 1990s with the advent of consumer-level digital photography. He was inspired by the freedom to experiment that this new technology allowed, and developed interests in both architectural and landscape photography.
By 2000, Lyons was becoming intrigued by the visual impact provided by very large photographic prints. He was influenced by the large format works of film photographers such as Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth...two artists pushing the limits of large format photography. However, Lyons was also becoming frustrated with a serious limitation of digital photography -- its relatively low resolution, and inability to capture sharp, detailed, large images.
In early 2001, Lyons stumbled upon an innovative solution to the limited resolution of digital cameras, in the form of "stitched" images -- composite images created by joining together multiple images. Lyons realized that this technique could be used to create photographs with much greater clarity than any single digital or film image. Lyons embarked on a multi-year, and ongoing, effort to create a portfolio of incredibly detailed, high resolution images, the results of which are on display here.